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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Sketch Art - Andrew Lincoln

I wanted to share a sketch I did of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.  This sketch is really just me taking a little break from work at home and work outside of home.  It helps me to relieve tension just to stop and sketch.

I really hate how they ended Rick Grimes.  I love AMC and think it is one of the best entertainment companies around.  They consistently produce great shows.

If you are a Walking Dead fan I would love to hear from you about Rick's departure from the show.  I really have high hopes of seeing him again in the future.  The show kind of seems out of sorts at this point.  Is the show dying down and losing steam?  I really hope not but I don't see how much further the show can go on.  Being a super fan of the show I hate to even admit it but I am just hoping for more of a push for me to keep my excitement about the show.  I will keep on watching until the very end.

Keep on keeping on AMC with the Walking Dead.

-Robert F. West
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