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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Beagle Finds Baby Rabbits


Zoe has two dogs. A female beagle and a chihuahua. The chihuahua is about half rat terrier and half regular chihuahua. The two really are a pair. Bella lays on the couch and Odie lays on top of her and he can't hold his licker. He loves to lick the couch or Bella's ear.

The other day I took Bella out for a walk in the yard. She loves to sniff for everything. She has to be on a leash when out because she will let her nose take her away on a scent. She loves to ride in the car and would make a great hunting dog.

While she was sniffing on the ground she found a baby rabbit nest. I didn't know it until it was too late. I noticed she was sticking her nose in the background and quickly snatched a baby rabbit from the nest. The baby rabbit let out a little squeal and Bella dropped the baby. Immediately four other baby rabbits ran from the next. I pulled Bella away and took her inside the house.

I went back outside to see the babies. I had a quick thought to get a couple of baby rabbits and show them to my two daughters that were at home at the time. It was a dad move for me because I wanted to see my girls smile while holding the cute little rabbits.

I took one to Zoe my youngest daughter and then one to Jewell my second daughter. They were elated. It was a cuteness overload and I enjoyed them enjoying the baby rabbits.

I was worried the momma rabbit would not return the babies after being touched by humans. Zoe looked at videos on YouTube to learn how to take care of the babies. She made a box with some greens and water. After researching, the girls decided to put the babies back in the nest.

That night they said the momma rabbit was out by the nest. Then today I saw one of the tiny rabbits roaming around the same area. I can only assume they are doing well. I didn't bother the nest again.

I might have done the wrong thing by taking two of the rabbits for the girls to hold but it was worth it to see their smiles. As far as I can tell the baby rabbits are doing well.

Thanks for reading!

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