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Thursday, February 6, 2020

DISH Network | Referral Program | Student Loan Debt Money Tip

Did you know that DISH Network has a "Refer A Friend" program where you can refer up to 10 activated customers per year and receive and equivalent of $1,000.00 toward your DISH Network bill? (Dish does NOT send you cash. They only credit your monthly Dish bill balance) Not bad right?... Now if you are currently a DISH Network subscriber the Refer A Friend program can help you save money on your bill when you refer an ACTIVATED customer. Once that happens you save 100 points = $100 credit on your monthly bill(up to 10 activated customers a year) as mentioned above. Now once you save the money on your Dish Network bill you can simply take the $100 you would normally spend on your bill and you can send that to your STUDENT LOANS. Sounds good right? Your friends who are activated can also get 20 free movie rentals for signing up. They are also eligible to refer others to the Dish Network Refer a Friend program. Activated accounts are locked into that low monthly fee for two years and the fine details do say that they can at any time change the terms of how they pay out the credits but as for now it is in place and maybe just something you may not have thought of. There are other companies that use a referral program. Be sure to check out all of the company websites of the services you subscribe to. They just might have a similar program you can be a part of. If you are not a DISH Network subscriber and you would like to be a part I will give you my information for you to get activated at a low monthly rate and receive 20 free movie rentals.(refer to the terms and conditions on the DISH refer a friend page) USE THIS CODE...VCD0022007674 CALL...888-601-0192 Or USE this link to apply code 2-Year TV Price Guarantee Free Voice Remote Live and Recorded TV On-the-Go with the DISH Anywhere App Installation as Soon as the Next Day PODCAST Instagram - robertf.west Facebook - Robert F. West Twitter - @irobwest You May Also LIKE... Shop At Macy's To Pay Student Loans? | | Smart Phone APP How To Grow Your Business By Applying FAITH POWER | Manifestation Understanding | Spiritual Truth Student Loan Debt | How To Make Your Payments | Financial Answer is Work From Home Business
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