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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why You're NOT Generating Leads From Your Website


You have a great website with the features you think will drive traffic. You spend time and money driving traffic to your site only to have visitors leave and end up buying from a competitor in your industry. Believe me, I know exactly how that feels and it’s not good. In this blog post, I would like to cover some reasons why your website is not generating leads. 

1. Your calls to action confuse visitors

When I see most web pages that have low conversion rates, my first action is to look at the call to action. There are two big mistakes website owners make:

Many “Call To Actions” on a page. You only need one Call To Action for every page. If you want a visitor to buy something then you just need one “order now” button. You can have more than one CTA but it’s important to track the results and it must be an extension of the first Call To Action. 

Let’s say the landing page you have set up has several sections and your visitor must roll down past most of the content, it’s safe to say the visitor will not engage with the main Call To Action you have so you may have to offer a lower bar Call To Action and hopefully convert the visitor later on.

We see other sites that incorporate popups that the computer mouse moving will initiate and that seems successful. The popup will also engage if the site visitor moves the cursor towards the close box on the popup.

For all the other examples and particularly for the small landing pages, I would encourage the singular use of Call To Action. This will make your landing page generate more leads.

2. The Call To Action is not bold or exact enough

Using a weak Call To Action is a very dominant reason your site is not drawing the leads it should. You may have seen many Business 2 Business landing pages that show a dead-colored button that says “Submit” and if you think about it this can come off as negative. A Call To Action button like this is dull and does not excite your visitors to action.

Your Call To Action button should tell your visitor exactly what to do and be active when it’s clicked. If it is an email then it should say “Email Me Now” to encourage action. If you’re giving away a free report it should say “Get Your Free Report Now!”. You get the idea and you should test each call to action button.

3. Your web forms are too complicated

If you manage a sales team it might seem easier to use many form fields to gather detailed information from your visitors. The fact is though that the simple web forms get greater results than the more complicated forms.

Your lead capture form should have as few input fields as possible. Your sales process would probably not suffer at all with this smaller form and you will experience many more form fulfillment. An email and address or phone number will get the results you're after.

If you are working with business-to-business lead generation and you want to improve that then your Customer Relationship Management or CRM will be able to gather more information because of the email address from the lead. 
4. Your website is not getting enough traffic
When you are brainstorming on Business To Business lead generation I want you to think about a funnel. You get 200 visitors to your homepage, 20 will navigate to your product or service page, 2 visitors will fill out your form. This is a decent conversion of 2%. You might make changes to your product or service page like rewording the Call To Action, color change, but nothing happens. You must get more traffic to your site. Your traffic is dictated by math. If you have 200 visits and get 2 leads, get 1,000 visitors and get 10 leads.

You don’t have to get all the traffic for yourself. It’s tons of work and you probably don’t have time for that. This is where a professionally educated marketer comes in like me. Highly targeted marketing campaigns through social media will generate leads for you.
5. Your site has too many choices for visitors

You may be giving your visitors too many choices on your website which can keep you from generating more leads. The best lead generation landing page needs to be very focused and service a specific purpose. If you are giving away an eBook on your page in exchange for contact information, the ONLY “clickable” link should be the Call To Action button under the lead capture form.
You can find a countless number of landing pages with tons of links that will distract your visitor away from taking the action you want them to take. With too many choices you increase the chance of a visitor clicking away from the Call To Action and decrease the chance of gaining that visitor as a lead.
6. Your Marketing message is confusing

If you have made changes and you still aren’t getting the results, it is a good idea to look at your marketing copy. Too many business owners write their copy for their website. It’s most effective to write for your specific target audience or persona. This is where the power of inbound marketing comes in. For a great inbound marketing strategy, it's important to create around your target’s personas. If your titles or copy is not focused this may keep your visitor from relating to your message, which can cause you to lose them as a lead.

It might seem like a simplification but the power of “less is more” and a laser-focused message tailored to your target audience will immediately be relatable to your visitor. Your visitor will get the message and you will get the lead.

7. Your website doesn’t solve problems

If you want your site to generate leads it must add value. It is just fine to brag a little and be self-centered but if it’s all about you it won’t be very relatable to your visitors. Be sure to focus mostly on the needs of your target audience.

You might have one of the best services or products people can find but if you are not telling your visitors HOW to solve their problem, they won’t be converted into a lead. Relate to your visitor in a friendly way by showing them you understand their problems and show them that you have the solution to their problem. You will see more leads coming in by doing this.

8. Your site is poorly designed

If the design of your site is outdated that can have a huge effect on the ability of your site to generate leads. Small things about your site like the font and color can affect your conversion rate. Two things to consider here are understanding your desired target audience’s preferences if possible and doing split-tests to learn what colors and layout combinations result in higher conversion rates.
Also, it is good to consider the layout of the information on your site. Be sure to have your written content evenly spaced and put into paragraphs in smaller content sections. You want your entire site visually appealing.

9. Your site’s landing page is not mobile-friendly

The majority of people today are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. The number of computer desktop users declines every day. Eventually, the desktop era will be a thing of the past. Most tech-intensive niches are driving this among their target audience to create a higher quality of user interface that converts to more clients and customers. 

Most mixed niche websites report over 60% of mobile vs. desktop users. It’s a good idea to be shifting your you or your team’s mindset to “mobile dominate” and then optimize everything else online afterward. 

The competition in your niche is very strong and if your visitors do not relate or have an informative experience at your site they will not come back and more than likely visit a competitor’s website.

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